Ohio Web Library Shortcuts

OPLIN provides a number of simple, short, easy-to-remember URLs you can share with patrons who want to access specific Ohio Web Library resources from home. Here is a list of the most popular shortcut URLs:

American and English full text literature http://ohioweblibrary.org/literature
Ancestry Library Edition http://ohioweblibrary.org/ancestry
Biography Reference Bank http://ohioweblibrary.org/bios
EBSCOhost Databases (all) http://ohioweblibrary.org/ebsco
EBSCO Academic Search http://ohioweblibrary.org/academic
EBSCO Business Source http://ohioweblibrary.org/business
EBSCO Consumer Health Complete http://ohioweblibrary.org/health
EBSCO Kids Search http://ohioweblibrary.org/kids
EBSCO Literary Reference Center http://ohioweblibrary.org/literary
EBSCO Newspaper Source http://ohioweblibrary.org/newspaper
EBSCO Points of View http://ohioweblibrary.org/viewpoints
EBSCO Science Reference Center http://ohioweblibrary.org/scienceref
EBSCO Student Research Center http://ohioweblibrary.org/student
Facts on File Science Online http://ohioweblibrary.org/facts
Job and Career Accelerator http://ohioweblibrary.org/job
Learning Express http://ohioweblibrary.org/tests
Mango Languages http://ohioweblibrary.org/mango
NewsBank (Ohio's Newspapers) http://ohioweblibrary.org/newsbank
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps http://ohioweblibrary.org/sanborn
World Book http://ohioweblibrary.org/worldbook
World Book Academic http://ohioweblibrary.org/worldbook-academic
World Book Early World of Learning http://ohioweblibrary.org/worldbook-early
World Book Kids http://ohioweblibrary.org/worldbook-kids

You can also download a PDF image (below) of this information which you can print and post in your library.