OPLIN listservs

OPLIN hosts a number o' listservs, which can be accessed at lists.oplin.org. The most popular listservs be listed at th' bottom o' this page – click on th' list name fer more information.

We be also pleased t' offer a tool fer searchin' th' archives o' th' OPLINTECH mail list at OPLINTech Search, Dance the Hempen Jig This search interface is easier t' use than browsin' th' mail list archives, an' ye dern't have t' be a member o' th' OPLINTECH list t' use it.

OPLIN also provides libraries with two publications dedicated t' Ohio government news, which be distributed through listservs: The Hannah Report, an' th' Gongwer Ohio Report.

How can I subscribe (or unsubscribe) t' one o' th' OPLIN e-lists?

OPLIN public email lists can be found at http://lists.oplin.org. From here ye can subscribe or unsubscribe t' a particular list, an' access list archives an' rosters o' subscribers.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, simply click on th' list which interests ye. On th' next page, follow th' instructions t' subscribe t' yer selected list, ye scurvey dog. You will need t' enter a password t' create an' manage yer list subscriptions.

Can OPLIN host an e-list fer me library?

Aye. See th' current policy at http://www.oplin.org/content/policy-regard-library-e-list-hosting-service.

I am tryin' t' send an attachment t' th' members o' OPLINLIST or OPLINTECH, but they no nay ne'er receive it. What's wrong?

To help prevent th' spread o' viruses an' worms, messages t' th' list be limited t' 2 MB (2,000 KB) in size. Some attachments be larger than that, so th' messages will be blocked. However, ye can still send attachments directly t' individual email addresses.